About Our School

The Falcons Pre-Preparatory School for Boys, is a non-selective, independent school for boys aged 3 – 7, based in Chiswick.

Founded in 1956 as Faulkner House, our mission is to prepare young boys for competitive preparatory schools in London.

The Falcons School for Boys offers quality education for boys from 3 years through to 13 years.  Movement from the Pre – Prep to the Prep is subject to an internal English and Mathematics assessment.  Our Pre-Prep boys are given preferential entry and/or sibling priority places at Falcons Prep but these are subject to the outcome of the Prep’s assessments.

We thoroughly prepare boys for the 7+ highly competitive schools entry, as well as a vast array of West London Prep schools.  Our guiding principle is that we will support and help our boys to make the move on to their next school at whatever point is most appropriate for them. Achieving academic excellence is something we all strive for and we help many families gain successful entry to the destination schools of their choice. For our latest Year 2 leavers results please click below.  Since this has been our focus, our boys have accessed 19 highly rated Tatler schools.