Ethos & Aims

Starting with Nursery and continuing all the way through the school, Courage, Curiosity and Care are three values we weave into everything that we do at the Falcons Pre-Prep.

Courage is what we like to see from our boys, the courage to give everything a go! The boys are very aware of the “learning pit” and the staff of growth mind-set.  The more times you are placed back into the learning pit, the harder you have to try to get out.   We teach our boys, from a very young age, not to be afraid of failure.  It is how you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and carry on that really counts. We believe this, dovetailed with resilience and confidence, are vital lifelong skills.

We instil Curiosity through thoughtful and creative lessons and thus the desire to become curious learners.  Our staff tease out excellent results by asking open ended questions, which enrich and extend learning.  If a child is curious then they are eager to learn, eager to find out more and this will lead to further enjoyment in their learning.

Care is probably the most important, as well as the broadest of our values.  This encompasses everything we do at Falcons Pre-Prep.  Care embodies our school community.  The pastoral care a boy receives is second to none.  The attention to detail my staff and I have with each child is outstanding.  We call ourselves the Falcons’ family and from the moment you walk in the door of our old Victorian building you feel a sense of happiness and well-being.  The school and each family form a very caring and close rapport which we use to help each child thrive.  We teach the boys to care for themselves as well as each other. Caring for oneself is something we include in our learning for life lessons and should not be underestimated. Caring for each other feeds into a sense of community and belonging both in and out of school.