Head’s Welcome

Courage, Curiosity, and Care

At the Falcons Pre-Prep, we are proud of our school environment where boys begin their formal educational career.  My goal is to ensure that our boys are happy while learning from our challenging and engaging curriculum.

Courage, Curiosity and Care are the core values of our school in order to provide an environment for our students that prepares each of them for a successful future.

Courage: We believe that children need courage to face new challenges.  We help our boys learn how to be resilient so that they have the courage to persevere in order to learn.

Curiosity: Children are natural enquirers.  The infamous ‘why’ questions from children start early and at the Falcons Pre-Prep we empower our boys to be curious about the world around them.  Their curiosity is what will foster a lifelong learning attitude.

Care:  We put the boys’ physical and mental wellbeing at the forefront of everything that we do.  We teach our boys empathy and compassion to help them understand how to care for their peers and their community.

I am proud of our professional and skilled staff who work tirelessly to provide our students with an excellent education.   Our facilities are designed with a young boy’s learning interest in mind.

I look forward to welcoming you to our school where you can see our boys and staff in action.

Warm regards

Liz McLaughlin BSc, MEd – Head