Geography is taught across all the year groups at the Pre-Prep. In Early Years it is taught as part of the wider EYFS curriculum, under the heading of Understanding of the World. In Years 1 and 2 Geography is taught in half-termly periods. In Year 1 boys cover the topics of their local area, the world around us and Green living. Year 2 boys learn about the polar-regions, rainforests and London. Fieldwork is vital to good geography teaching and we include as many opportunities as we can to involve children in practical geographical research and enquiry. These trips fit into the topic the boys are learning about, for example in Year 1 the boys go on a walk of their local area to note distinctive features of the environment, both physical and human. The boys particularly enjoy the International Days at the Pre-Prep. They share a huge excitement to learn about different cultures through hands on experiences such as playing traditional music and tasting new foods.

Through our Geography teaching, boys in the early years have a very good grounding in talking about the environment around them and many of them reach beyond the early learning goal for Understanding of the World. In Years 1 and 2 the boys create mind-maps at the beginning and the end of a Geography topic to show what they knew at the beginning and what they know by the end. This shows excellent progression in their learning. Since the Geography curriculum has changed the topics that are covered have been updated along with the schemes of work to ensure boys are learning the right skills at the Pre-Prep to stand them in good stead for the progression into the Prep School. Teachers at the pre-prep really enjoy teaching Geography and are greatly enthusiastic about the subject’s potential for creativity and the hands on experiences it creates for the boys. As for the boys, they show real interest in the subject, particularly the aspects of map reading, grid references and co-ordinates.