Maths is taught in dedicated blocks within the Early Year timetable with up to an hour of mathematical related activities taking place each day.  This is done in a more practical way in the Early Years but our assessment data shows that our boys are thriving in maths, not only way above the National Average but against the Independent sector as well.  Problem solving, self-initiated learning activities teach the boys to think for themselves and to adapt their numeracy skills to everyday situations.

Once the boys move to Key Stage 1 they have a firm grasp of mathematics and this is built upon in a more formal setting.  Key concepts are consolidated and problem solving taught alongside reasoning.  Concrete and differentiated learning takes place in each lesson with excellent reasonable adjustment being made for each child.

Our boys access many outstanding Prep Schools through a competitive entry process, so their mathematical skills reach a very high level. Our 2016-2017 assessment data shows 91% of our boys are making expected, good or excellent progress in maths.  Like all subject areas confidence is key in maths and we have intervention groups running each week to target teach the boys ensuring maximum progression.